Bob Ross



Bob L. Ross was born at Saltillo, Tennessee on the west bank of the Tennessee River in February of 1935, the third son of a farming family. Due to Great Depression hardships on farmers, the family moved to Bemis, near the city of Jackson, during World War II. Bob was schooled at Bemis and Jackson, graduating from Jackson High School in 1953. He was saved at a Baptist revival and began preaching in the Fall of 1953.

In addition to fulfilling a miscellaneous, non-pastoral preaching ministry, Bob has devoted a great deal of time and effort to the printing and publishing of Christian literature since 1955 -- back in the days of "hot type" (linotype) and "galley proofs" -- before photo-offset printing and computers had taken over the publishing field. He has edited both "hot type" and "cold type" literature, producing various papers, magazines, tracts, pamphlets, booklets, and books over the past fifty years. His own small books on "Campbellism" (Church of Christ) have had a wide circulation for many years, and he has often accepted invitations from Church of Christ ministers to participate in several well-attended public debates. He has also written books exposing the errors of Landmarkism and "Hardshellism."

Bob first established a public Christian retail book store in 1955 in Ashland, Kentucky, and after moving to Texas he founded Pilgrim Publications in 1969 to republish the original, unabridged sermons and works of C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892). He is owner and manager of Pilgrim Book Store in Pasadena, Texas, established in 1972, the oldest independently owned Christian book store in the Houston area. He continues to devote his energies to the ongoing publication and circulation of the works of Spurgeon, both in the literary field as well as via the Internet. Most of the materials now available on the Internet have been drawn from the works published by Pilgrim Publications.