by Bob L. Ross



Sometime ago, I received the following from a reader:


Brother Ross,
Some time back you sent a rather comical note out concerning Ruckman's view of the anti-Christ - UFO in Rome, 10 ft tall... black lips, etc. Was that just a gag, or is it something Ruckman really believes/wrote? If it's something he truly believes, could you point me to a document or something he wrote on that topic?



I keep getting "questions" about this story, so here it is again:
 It's not a gag at all -- Ruckman actually teaches that the Antichrist will fly in on a flying saucer, land at St. Peter's in Rome, de-saucer, and start kissing people with "two huge black lips," giving them the "Mark of the Beast."  He claims he discovered this "revelation" in the "King James Bible" after reading it thru "forty times."  Here is the story:


Peter Ruckman ("Possel") has two books which he says are "definitive" writings; one of them is called THE MARK OF THE BEAST.  It is in this book in which he imparts his fabulous revelation about the Antichrist.


In "The Mark," Ruckman tells all about the Antichrist, or the "Man of Sin" and "Beast," in chapters 4 and 5.  But he wants us to know that this knowledge didn't come easy, and he didn't get it listening to Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, or Charles R. Taylor.  He had to put in a lotta-time reading the King James Bible.  He says:


"After searching the scriptures through 40 times fruitlessly, it suddenly occurred to me that I must be ignoring something as plain as the nose on my face.  (This is usually the case when a truth is left undiscovered.)   Here, all over the country people were talking about 'the mark of the Beast,' and yet no one was producing anything that resembled anything scriptural along the line of the subject.


"Suddenly in Revelation 13:2, the truth bared itself.  (Truth always appears naked because Error steals its clothes!)" (page 79).


He goes on to explain that the "MARK" is like the "leopard's spots"-- two black "half moons."  "If the spots are examined carefully, it will be seen that they most nearly resemble TWO, HUGE, BLACK LIPS pressed against the skin."  He goes on with this and says, "The riddle of the Sphinx is solved!" (p. 80). 


He has a picture on page 81 which illustrates a man, a woman, and a child with the "mark" on their foreheads, and over the picture is the heading, "Receiving the KISS of 666!"

But . . . there's MORE! . . .


His reading the Bible thru "40 times" reaped even greater information about the "Mark of the Beast"!  He learned "how" this is going to transpire  [read  s-l-o-w-l- y  for a really "chilling" effect]: 


"Looking northward one sees a peculiar light, as when sunlight reflects on a CAPSULE in orbit.  The light increases in size.  It disappears on the European side of the globe.  Standing around ST. PETER'S in ROME, by the huge, BLACK,  North  AFRICAN  SEX-symbol in ST. PETER'S (the EGYPTIAN obelisk), the crowd of superstitious papists wait with baited breath, and clenched rosaries.  A mysterious CIRCULAR-SHAPED OBJECT about 600 feet in diameter and 60 feet thick, slowly descends, basked in iridescent, translucent light.  The hum increases till the watchers clap their hands over their ears.


"Suddenly the noise ceases.  THE SAUCER HAS LANDED. As the crowd kneels, crossing themselves with the CURSE OF THE CRUX ('X'), the door opens and out steps a
GIGANTIC FIGURE.  The figure is bathed in a halo of light, and as it FLOATS DOWN to the ground from the door, TWO FINGERS can be seen raised, and with them the soft, droning, sonorous voice of the 'CHRIST' is heard: 'PEACE be unto you!!'"


This is "HIM"!  THE BEAST!!  Ruckman goes on to say he is "a figure fully TEN-FEET TALL, with a handsomely bearded face."


"All right, sucker, TAKE THE MARK. . . Go on, take the mark.  Let him KISS YOU in the palm or the forehead" (pages 106, 107).


Despite having this information "bared" to him, Ruckman did not get "everything;"  he says, "Many of the details on the coming of this false Christ are STILL LYING HIDDEN
in the Word of God" (p. 107).


Even now, Possel is probably reading the KJV another 40 times, looking for more truth to be "bared" on the "details"!  Any month now, he may come-out with an issue of "The Bulletin" in which these "details" will be made known.


Oh . . . yes . . . I almost forgot this:  Ruckman says the Beast will have "a bad right arm and a bad right eye" (p. 108).


Now, the "Moral" of the story is:

If you ever go to Rome, be sure you take along a tube or two of Black Lipstick Remover, and if you happen  to see a UFO hovering over St. Peter's, it lands and the door opens, and a 10-foot tall, handsome fellow floats down, and he has two huge black lips, a bad right arm, and a bad right eye . . .

THEN . . . RUN  FOR  YOUR  LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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