by Bob L. Ross


In view of their importance in the field of combating Satan and his emissaries, no one should be at all surprised to hear that these latter-day  "Two Witnesses,"  PETER RUCKMAN and Big TEXE MARRS, are on a "HIT LIST" of the "Government MAFIA," allegedly headed-up by "Slick Willie" and "Big Sister" and their impish ilk of ill-doers.

This foreboding information has recently been released via a front-page communique which is categorized as "prophecy," and the "prophet" is none other than Possel Ruckman himself [Bible Believers Bulletin, May 1997, pages 1, 8, 12, 14, 17].

Possel is not "new" to prophecy, for a few years ago, he rebuked Edgar Wisenut's "1988" prediction, and said that "any man with any sense would have guessed 1989 as the latest possible date for a rapture if our calendar is right" (10/88 BBB).

Possel has no use for "fakirs" who make predictions, and he kicked-out one of his Bible Institute students, Mel Turner, who predicted the Rapture for September 14, 1995. Possel said it was O. K. to make "good guesses," like his own "good guess" on 1989 [1/89, Bulletin, page 5], but it was rank "fakery" to make precise predictions. "Good Guesses," yes; "Predictions," no [BBB, 11/95, page 12].

THE "HIT LIST" -- # 1, Texe Marrs

This recent prophecy by Ruckman is revealed in the May 1997 issue of  "Blabber Believers' Bull-a-ton" magazine, otherwise known as "Bible Believers' Bulletin," and it is under the frontpage headline, "THE HIT LIST."

Herein you learn that Possel has divinated what must "shortly come to pass" -- within "the next two or three years." Upon hearing this momentous report, one "Alexandrian" said, "Let's hope the hit-man is a good shot!"

According to the revelation given to Possel near the Isle along Florida's Santa Rosa Sound, the #1 man on the "Hit List" is none other than Big Texe Marrs himself!

We had already been duly-notified by Big Texe in his April and May '97 "Flashlight" newsletters that he was under "attack" by "certain powerful forces" [one of those forces was pin-pointed as being the writer of this article!]. Big Texe says he has been "targeted for destruction," for the powerful forces feel that "Texe Marrs must be stopped and his strong voice quieted."

As Marrs' report continued, the "powerful" forces even developed into "satanic forces," and Big Texe said they are "arrayed against us" (4/97).

As if that were not consternating enough, Big Texe divulged that a "Get Texe Marrs Club" was in operation, and for a meager Gift of  $7 you could call the 800-number for a cassette and get the "inside" info on the "rapidly escalating threats, dirty tricks, and attacks" -- the confidential stuff Texe did not feel "safe" to reveal in writing. So, we were already alerted to the "get Texe" plot, but it remained for Possel Ruckman to throw "new light" upon what is involved -- namely, "The Government Mafia," the "Hit List," and the persons targeted for "hits" in 2 or 3 years.

We now know  the "Government Mafia" is behind a dastardly conspiracy, and it involves "hitting" others besides Big Texe. It also includes Possel [and somewhere way-down the list is "Bobby Ross," yours truly!] I was not too disconcerted when  read that Marrs and Possel were on the "Hit List," but I went into hysterics when I read the name of "Ross"! I knew I was on the "hit lists" of Posselites, KJVOites, Campbellites, Full Pretniacs, and perhaps a few others, but never in my wildest nightmares did I envision being on THE Big-Boys "Hit List," right along with Possel and Big Texe! (I'll have to contact the "I-C-U" about this).

In order that you may understand the "dead-serious" character of this matter, I  want to quote from Possel Ruckman himself, thus assuring you that this is "no exaggeration of the facts." Possel says: "Now, Janet Reno, today has a 'hit list.' Certain law-abiding, patriotic males [such as Marrs, Ruckman] are targeted for destruction, and I KNOW WHO THEY ARE. I know who theyare because I know the News Media; what it's done, what it plans to do, what it is doing, what it intends to do, and what the BIBLE says it's going to do" (page 8).

Possel goes on:
"Now, the dykes and sex perverts in Washington have drawn up a hit list. The WEB and the Internet and the fax and the surveillance going on now is to define those targets and then remove them.  If you want to know who those targets are, I can name them for you . . . you will see the sudden 'SUICIDE' of these targets or their 'HEART FAILURES' or their ACCIDENTAL death in a PLANE CRASH . . . all kinds of ACCIDENTS happen to people like this . . . They had the 'scope' on them. I KNOW WHO the targets are in the next TWO or THREE years. On this 'prophesy' I CAN'T MISS," and then at the close of the article he lists a number of supporting Scripture references (page 12).

This is "deep stuff."

Possel: "The targets that have to be eliminated" are:

"Number one: Texe Marrs of Texas. That man would be considered by all Federal bureaucrats to be the most dangerous man in America. And small fry like Jim Jones, David Koresh, John Dillinger, Al Cappone, 'Pretty Boy' Floyd, or even 'Lucky' Luciano would be small fry alongside of Texe Marrs" (page 12).

One of the speculated "reasons" why Marrs may be the "most dangerous" man is due to his suspected "link" to Saddam Hussein via his connections with a minister in North Carolina. The preacher in North Carolina was the guest of the Iraqi President a few years back, attending the "Festival" celebrating the rebuilt version of Babylon. He reported having personal escorts in Iraq, and engaged in unrevealed dialogue with some of the top Iraqi officials. This was prior to the Gulf War, and when the War occurred, it "raised some eyebrows" to recall this preacher's embellishment of Iraq in his magazine.

It has been speculated that due to Marrs' association with the N. C. preacher, and in the light of Marrs' barrage of anti-U. S. Government writings, he could possibly have been enlisted to spout the "Saddam-line" against U. S. interests. Of course, Marrs "poo-poo's" any such "connection," but his constant anti-U. S. propaganda , and wild accusations, do nothing to alleviate the suspicions. Thus, it is surmised, any current real interest the U. S. agencies conceivably have in Marrs would merely be a matter of "keeping an eye" on him and taking-note of any evidence of an affiliation with anti-U. S. sources. He might be "shipped out" to Baghdad, but we doubt the Government would allocate any costly bullets for Marrs. BUT -- we repeat -- this is a MERE "speculation."

Marrs has recently given further elucidation that he is aware of being "targeted," and he is offering another cassette, "Introducing the 'Get Texe Marrs!' Club (Part II)," which may be yours for another Gift of only $7.00.  In this tape, Marrs advertises that he is encountering "unholy opposition," but praises God who allegedly "has put up a hedge of protection around Texe Marrs and this ministry" (5/97, p. 4). [With such a "hedge" in place, it will be essential that, as it was with Job, Satan will have to get special permission for the "hit man" to get to Marrs! Ruckman did not report having such a "hedge," so he may be an "endangered species."]

Another speculative reason why Marrs is #1 is due to his "revelations" about UFOs  and "the Mark of the Beast." He raises questions which imply that UFOs are manned by "demons who are disguised and cloaked as aliens and extraterrestrials" and that "UFO visitors are, today, actually giving human beings the Mark of the Beast."

Marrs refers to "true case studies" wherein "Richard, Whitley, and John" had encounters with "aliens."  One had a "name deeply cut into his skin" and he heard a "voice" telling him he now "possesses the Key of David."

Another was "abducted by aliens" and he awakes one morning afterwards to find "on his left forearm are inscribed two curious marks."

The third, "John," "undergoes an initiation in a UFO craft" and is "made to feel special and chosen," and "has a six-pointed star formed on the palm of his right hand."

Marrs offers a 60-minute cassette dealing with the "Devil's Mark," "an electronically charged mark," and you can have it for another mere Gift of $10. This cassette associating the "Devil's Mark" with UFOs comes somewhat right on the heals of Riplinger's discovery that the "mark" is the symbol on the New King James Version, so it may be that the "mark" is being shifted around by Satan so as to be elusive to the public eye.

[The fact is, the "mark" is in reality a "kiss" applied by a 10-foot tall man who has "two huge Black Lips," and he will arrive at St. Peter's in Rome in a UFO, according to Possel's Ruckman's definitive book, THE MARK OF THE BEAST. We have no idea how this "squares" with Big Texe Marrs' theory about the "mark," but we suspect that either one of these views is as valid as the other, so watch out for any "mark" applied by any creature of any height, regardless of the color of his lips or where his UFO lands!]

At any rate, Marrs has nothing against the "U. S. Dollar," and all your Gifts will help you to be alert to the madness of the "Government" behind the $$$. It will also help Marrs to continue to produce new materials which you will be able to obtain by sending more Gifts. As long as the "hedge" keeps Marrs secure from the "Government Mafia," he will be able to keep on supplying you with the strategic cassettes, videos, and books -- and for nothing more than a Gift.

#2 , #3, #4 on the HIT LIST --

Possel goes on to name #2 on the "Hit List" as being JACK CHICK of Chick Publications (page 12). The significant thing about Marrs and Chick, as Possel points out, is the fact that both of them are "standing solidly on the King James 1611 Authorized Version." They are chief sources for exposing the "New Age" conspiracy as to "Bible translations," which is also Possel Ruckman's "bread-and-butter" specialty.

The #3 man is specified as DON McALVANEY of "The Intelligence Advisor," and according to Possel he is regarded as "an extremely dangerous 'terrorist'" (page 12). I am not personally "in the know" about this gentlemen, for somehow I have unfortunately missed seeing his "Advisor," but if Possel says he is #3, who can doubt his prophecy?

#4 is pegged to be TOM ANDERSON (page 12), and I have seen some of his materials, and he is known for his "conservative" stand. I think I read some of his writings in a "Southern" journal of some sort, while I was waiting to have a tooth filled or pulled, or something like that. He seemed to be a "Rush Limbaugh," sans the flab , pious palabber, and sales-pitches for "Rushphernalia."

#5 -- POSSEL!

It may come as a shocking surprise (I know it was to me) to find Possel so far down on the "Hit List," for he is usually at the "top" on any list that is of any significance. You would think that the man who was chosen to "save the Bible" and "restore Final Authority" and "correct 1600 years of scholarship" would be #1 on the "Hit List," but he is #5 (page 14).. This probably simply reflects the stupidity of the "Government Mafia," in not knowing all the facts, or how to interpret them. For Possel to be anywhere below #1 is evidence within itself of the inferior quality of Government officials in charge of its Mafia. No wonder they bungled the job of eliminating Koresh!

Nevertheless, Possel says -- "So, the next man on the hit list would probably be that famous junk yard dog from Pensacola, Florida, PETER S. RUCKMAN. I don't kid myself about these things. I don't overestimate my importance, but I know where I stand with the New World and the New Age and the News Media. I know exactly where I stand. They hate my guts" (page 14).

"We gentlemen are condemned men . . . It is just a matter of time before the AXE FALLS . . . I have been a target ever since I was saved . . . I know my destination. I am predestinated to stop a bullet or maybe a more subtle method, such as an accidental car wreck or accidental plane crash or logical looking 'suicide' or an ordinary 'heart attack.' The CIA has all kinds of ways of keeping a secret. And I know at least twenty of them" (pages 14, 17).

Although Possel did not mention it, there is the possibility that the "hit man" could do the dirty deed in a "Hockey" game. Possel plays ice hockey, and a little "high stick'n" might be in the works, or maybe getting hit in a vulnerable spot by the "puck." One of our sources has indicated that this may be the way that Possel could be "taken out."

As for the "rest of the story," Possel's prophecy indicates that these are on the "Hit List," but they are way-down in the "insignificant" area:

"I also know that Little Twinkies and Brownies and Bunny Rabbits like JOHN ANKERBERG and CHUCK SWINDOLL and ANDY THE PANDA [Andrew Sandlin of Chalcedon] and RON MINTON [BBC Professor] and DAVID HUNT and JAMES COMBS and all that crew are no threat to the New Age at all. Characters like BOBBY ROSS and GARY HUDSON and SHELTON SMITH and JOHN MACARTHUR and [Charles] STANLEY (in Atlanta, Georgia) can be dealt with LATER.  And they will be dealt with later" (page 14).


The "Government Mafia's" HIT LIST -- soon to be fulfilled, according to the prophecy of Possel Peter Ruckman, within "the next two or three years."

This gives me pause in view of the fact I am scheduled to appear in a 45-minute debate with Possel Ruckman in Posselcola at the Posseltolic Kingdom on April 1, 1998! What if?! That is -- "What if" the "G-Mafia's" hit-man is assigned that occasion for "the Job" on Possel? Wonder if I, too, would be "taken care of" at the same time -- sorta like "two birds" at the same time?

I was looking forward to a time of "vacation" on the beaches and the golf courses in Posselcola, but now I am "at a loss" as to how to protect myself from a possible "hit." I was planning-on having at least four unmarked security men with me at the debate, but who knows but what one or more of those "security" men might be an agent of the "G-Mafia"? That would be an ideal means for the "hit-man" to bump-off both Possel and Ross! Have a little disturbance created in the back of the congregation by a "plant" wielding a weapon, and then the "security" could open-fire, and with the "eyes of all" diverted to the "plant," when they turn their eyes back to view the front, both Possel and Ross would be lying in pools of their blood! And no one would have seen "who did it"!

Possel, if you are reading this, could you order a bullet-proof glass cubicle in which you and I could stand when we make our debate presentations? I am sure you would not want to be "taken out" on this occasion, and I assure you that I don't.  I'll be glad to "pay my part" of the expense of having such protection from a possible "G-Mafia" attempt on our lives. Let me know what you "foresee" about this matter. -- Bob L. Ross. 


Will "wonders" ever cease?  Not as long as there's a sucker
to buy the "wonder"! -- Bob L. Ross


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