by Bob L. Ross

Deuteronomy 18:21, 22:  "And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the Lord hath not spoken?  When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, IF THE THING FOLLOW NOT, NOR COME TO PASS, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously:  thou shalt not be afraid of him."

Jeremiah 28:9: ". . . when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the Lord hath truly sent him."

The Bible test for a true prophet or a false prophet is the fulfillment or the lack of fulfillment of their prophecies.  In just a matter of days, it will be revealed whether Peter Ruckman of Pensacola, Florida is a true prophet or a false prophet.

Most of you will recall Peter Ruckman's prophecy concerning which we took notice in our emails #82 and #660.  In his May 1997 Bible Believers Bulletin, Ruckman made a prophecy that the "Government Mafia" would make a hit on him "in the next two or three years."  He alleged that the "Janet Reno, today, has a 'hit list," and he said the first five names on the list were:


1.  Texas Marrs

2.  Jack Chick

3.  Don McAlvaney

4.  Tom Anderson

5.  Peter Ruckman

Ruckman said:  "Now, the dykes and sex perverts in Washington have drawn up a hit list. The WEB and the Internet and the fax and the surveillance going on now is to define those targets and then remove them.  If you want to know who those targets are, I can name them for you  . . . you will see the sudden 'SUICIDE' of these targets or their 'HEART FAILURES' or their ACCIDENTAL death in a PLANE CRASH . . . all kinds of ACCIDENTS happen to people like this . . .  I KNOW WHO the targets are in the next TWO or THREE years. On this 'prophesy' I CAN'T MISS."

Commenting on his position at #5 on the "Hit List," Possel said:

"So, the next man on the hit list would probably be that famous junk yard dog from Pensacola, Florida, PETER S. RUCKMAN. I don't kid myself about these things. I don't overestimate my importance, but I know where I stand with the New World and
the New Age and the News Media. I know exactly where I stand. They hate my guts."

"We gentlemen are condemned men . . .  It is just a matter of time before the AXE FALLS . . .  I have been a target ever since I was saved . . .  I know my destination. I am PREDESTINATED TO STOP A BULLET or maybe a more subtle method, such as an accidental car wreck or accidental plane crash or logical looking 'suicide' or an ordinary 'heart attack.' The CIA has all kinds of ways of keeping a secret. And I know at least twenty of them." 


Ruckman's prophesy was published three years ago in the month of May 1997.  To date, I have no reports of any of the top five men being hit by the "Government Mafia."  No doubt,  all eyes will be on Pensacola during these closing days of May to see if Janet Reno's Government Mafia will make a hit on Ruckman.  He said he "can't miss" on this prophecy, and that he is "predestinated to stop a bullet."  Please keep you TV set tuned to CNN and Fox, or perhaps even C-SPAN, and this story will no doubt be covered by the major news media.

Since it is so late in May and so near the end of the final year of the prophecy's duration, we might wonder if perhaps Janet Reno has decided to grant Ruckman a reprieve.  Or, since Ruckman is a strong believer in Free Will, it may be that he has used his will in such a way as to thwart the predestination of the Government Mafia's hit. 

Better still, maybe God found out about the plot and has come up with a way to offset Reno's plans without interfering with her Free Will.  Marrs claims God put a "hedge" around him, so maybe God had enough leftover hedge to put some around Ruckman.

At any rate, we are fasting and praying that this prophecy will in some way be hindered of its fulfillment.  If might make Ruckman look like he gave a false prophecy, but that is not as bad as it would be for Reno to waste the Government's time and ammo on Ruckman. -- Bob L. Ross


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