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"King James Onlyism: a New Sect"
by James D. Price.  Published by the author, 2006.  658 pp., hardback.


"Those honestly and seriously interested in sorting through and settling the KJVO issue in their own minds, will be aided in their quest by Dr. Price�s book."--Doug Kutilek


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Dr. James D. Price

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"J. Frank Norris and His Heirs: the Bible Translation Controversy"
by Doug Kutilek. 165 pp, paperback.

The modern "King James Only" movement has spread among diverse groups of Baptists and beyond, but it had its first and probably most significant impact among Baptist groups descended from and influenced by J. Frank Norris (1877-1952), namely the World Baptist Fellowship (WBF), the Baptist Bible Fellowship (BBF) and the Independent Baptist Fellowship (IBF). (The BBF and the IBF are both splits off of the WBF, the IBF being formed expressly in the 1980s to adopt a rigid KJV-only view). To some degree in the 1960s, but especially in the 1970s and 1980s, the KJV-only doctrine was widely embraced in these groups, and was claimed by its advocates as the historic, orthodox Baptist doctrine regarding Scripture.

The design of Kutilek's historical study is to examine what Dr. Norris himself was taught and personally believed regarding Bible texts and Bible translations. It is shown by thorough documentation that Norris never embraced any of the tenets of KJV-onlyism, and that the groups descended from him were not KJV only in their foundation, nor was there any formal or practical adoption of this view until the 1970s and beyond.

Full documentation is included to trace the process by which these Baptist groups, founded on a belief in the inerrancy of the original writings only, and with a specific rejection of the doctrine of infallible translations, departed from their historic roots and the beliefs of Dr. Norris, to embrace an alien view that neither they nor their fathers had known. KJV-onlyism was a radical departure from the historic faith of Norris, the WBF and the BBF. The IBF, which began as a KJV-only group, is ironically the group which at one and the same claims closest connection to Norris and yet departs the farthest from him on the doctrine of Scripture.

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"KING JAMES ONLY? A Guide To Bible Translations"
by Dr. Robert A. Joyner, D.B.S, Th.D, Ph.D 202 pp, paperback.

In this book Dr. Joyner dissects and destroys the King James Only group.  Starting with the King James translators, using their own words, he shows they believed contrary to the King James Only advocates in every point.  The author then gives incontestable proof that the King James Version is not perfect.  At the same time he shows the NIV and the NASB can be of great help to the reader in many important places.

In chapter 4, Dr. Joyner shows the King James only view is not the historic fundamental view.  Chapter 5 shows why we can be sure our English translations are accurate.  The author then shows why the background for the NIV and the NASB is far superior to the KJV.

In chapter 8, Dr. Joyner shows how lies and slander is common for King James Only books.  In chapter 9 and 10, the author shows how obsolete words are a bigger problem than most people would think.  In chapter 11, Dr. Joyner answers the objections the KJV advocates give.  He shows none of them are Scriptural or logical.

When Dr. Joyner is through, the KJV Only group does not have a leg to stand on.  He calls them to repent of their many sins.

This book is written with the layman in mind.  There is not a lot of technical jargon.  The author proves his point with undeniable facts, logic, and Scripture.

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"The Unbound Scriptures: A Review of KJV-only Claims and Publications"
by Rick Norris 540 pp, paperback.

A new 540+ page book that can be used as a sourcebook to examine many claims of the KJV-only view. Order information will follow some information about the book. This book is a review and examination of many claims of the KJV-only view. It provides documented information that answers the claims of Peter Ruckman, Samuel Gipp, Gail Riplinger, William Grady, D. A. Waite, Mickey Carter, and many others. Based on over a dozen years of study and research, it provides one of the most complete bibliographies of books relating to the topic of Bible translation. It includes important information about the history of our English Bibles and about the view of Bible translation in the 1500 and 1600's. The evidence will show that a consistent application of KJV-only claims harms the KJV and the earlier English Bibles of which it was a revision. Are many KJV-only claims "irrefutable" or mistaken? Check out the evidence for yourself. The author [B. A. with major in Bible and M.R. E.] is a fundamentalist and independent Baptist.


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Rick Norris

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