Recent Questions from a KJV Only.

Responses by Doug Kutilek


 1. Would you have believed the translators were inspired if they had said that they were?

Hypothetical. The KJV men expressly deny the finality or absolute accuracy of their work

2. Where in the Bible does it say the originals were inspired?

2 Peter 1:20, 21 describes the process--focusing on the original authors of Scripture (see also 2 Samuel 23:2), and 2 Timothy 3:16 describes the product of the process.

3. Can you prove that they were?

To those who are willing to be convinced by evidence, yes. To hyper-critical, faulting-finding critics like yourself, no.

4. What are you comparing the KJV with?

Well, with itself, that is, in its various and widely-varying editions, but naturally enough, with the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, which the KJV title page declares is the source and basis of their translation--"translated out of the original tongues" (meaning of course the Scriptures in the original languages).

5. Is what you are comparing the KJV with inspired or perfect?

Yes. If you expressly deny the inspiration and perfection of the originals, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

6. Wouldn't you be lying if you held up a translation and said, "God said" if you really didn't know that it was what God said?

Not in the least. As the KJV translators affirmed, any accurate Bible version/translation may with propriety be called "the Word of God" though in lesser matters it will fail to precisely convey all that the original contained. Do you think the KJV translators were in error in this regard?

7. Wouldn't God be a liar if we don't have His words?

Who is denying that we do have them? Only you, Peter Ruckman, and other such.


Obviously, you borrowed all these cutesy objections from someone else--I've encountered them dozens of times. You are a mere parrot repeating what you have heard from others. I suggest you try thinking for yourself.

And may I strongly suggest that you get a copy of the Nelson reprint of the 1611 KJV and CAREFULLY read and re-read "The Translators to the Readers" found therein, until you understand what it is that the KJV men believed about their own version. Until you do that, we have nothing more to discuss.

-----Doug Kutilek