"A Layman's Perspective"

by David Aeschlimann


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Some time ago, a good friend asked if the King James is the only Bible we should use.  He told me there were those that believe all modern English translations are of the devil.  I told him I had never heard of such a thing.  I also told him I would check it out.  By the grace of God, I have since been able to gain a pretty good understanding of the subject.  If you think I am wrong, please correct me by addressing the following issues.

What specific error, heresy or apostasy had you or others fallen into as the direct result of using a legitimate modern English Bible translation?  (Matthew 7:15-20)  I use the word ‘legitimate’ to exclude known corrupt renderings, such as the Watchtower’s New World Translation.

What wisdom or truth of God have you or others discerned by exclusive use of the King James that is absent in other Bible versions? (2 Timothy 2:14-15)

What scriptures specifically identify the King James as the sole divinely inspired Word of God and thereby, suitable for inclusion into the Christian statement of faith?  (Revelation 22:18-19)

Recently, I happened onto a KJVOnly website where it was quipped, “If you can’t understand the KJV, you had better examine your relationship with Jesus!”  This is an indirect reference that one’s salvation is in jeopardy, if KJVOnly beliefs are not adopted and followed.  This sentiment is consistent in nature with many of the KJVOnly websites I have visited.

When one is judged more by the Bible they carry, rather than for the testimony of Jesus they hold, something is drastically wrong.  KJVOnlyism is yet another ill-conceived attempt to add falsity to the Christian faith.  Lest we forget, the Word is Jesus and Jesus is the Word!

All Christians should be alert to perversions of the scriptures.  Corruptions deliberately distort the text and lead people away from the truth.  However, to malign all Bibles, except the Kings James, is wrong.  It is Gnostic to claim knowledge, without scripture, that the King James is infallible and directly inspired by God.  Modern English Bible translations have helped many to salvation and a proper understanding of the Gospel.  Since the fruits are good and of God, far be it from anyone to say, it’s of the devil.

God Himself promised He would preserve the scriptures.  The Creator of the universe, from the galaxies to each grain of sand, certainly doesn’t need assistance in keeping His oath.  He is faithful in spite of our inept efforts, rather than reliant on them.  Let all Christians remember that we serve the same God and have found life in the same name.

Together in the name of Jesus,

David Aeschlimann